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Points to note when visiting



-When using Taisho Romankan Kimono,

You must agree to this.

When the reservation occurs, please note this point,

on another pageterms of serviceshall be deemed to have agreed to the

- booking confirmationno email received

If you want to confirm your reservation


EmailPlease send

It may not reach the carrier mail.

Please check your reception settings in advance.


Parental consent is required for use by minors.

After confirming the reservation

It is assumed that the consent of the guardian has been obtained.

Dressing for pregnant womenteeth

We are sorry for the refusal.


Infectious disease control


- Please be sure to wear a mask.

- If you have a fever of 37℃ or higher

Please refrain from coming to the store.



Before visiting

-Please arrive at your appointment time

Please come 5 minutes before to 5 minutes after.

even if you contact us

If you are more than 15 minutes late, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.becomes,

100% cancellation fee will be charged

please note.


-women areusing wax

Please come without a hair set.


- There is no space for makeup.

Please complete in advance.


- Please be sure to come clean.


- Carry case, etc.

Large luggage cannot be stored.

Please deposit it in a coin locker etc. in advance.

(baggage/clothes taken off, etc.

We keep it in a 40L bag.)

-When changing clothes

There are no separate partitions.

If you are concerned about it, please wear innerwear, leggings, etc.

Please visit us.

For those who cannot wear kimono (including children),

Refusal in principleWe are here.

meet up

Please use the outside of the store or the 1F cafe.


- Please refrain from bringing in food and drinks.

-Return time is usually 17:30.

*We will notify you if there are any changes.

If the return time has passed,

A late fee of ¥1000 will be charged for every 10 minutes.

When 30 minutes have passed, it will be treated as returned the next day,

Your luggage will be returned the next day.



Precautions while wearing kimono


- Things that smell while wearing a kimono

(Tobacco, grilled meat, monjayaki, perfume, etc.)

please do not.


- Please refrain from bringing pets into the entire hotel.

The act of hugging a pet while wearing a kimono

Please refrain from doing so.



About rental items


- The size of rental items such as kimonos is

We have S, M, and L sizes for adults.

Suitable for people over 145cm tall.




- In principle, we do not accept cancellations.

If it is unavoidable, we will accept it.

<100% of the reservation fee after 12:00 noon the day before>

will be charged as a cancellation fee.


After specifying "cancellation of reservation",

Please send your name, date and time, and plan​.


*If you make a reservation after 12:00 noon the day before,

Cancellation after reservation is confirmed

cancellation fee​ will occur.

*Coronavirus infection/weatherEven if the reason is

Cancellation fee will be charged

​ Please contact us as soon as possible.

* With the reservation completion screen displayed

​The reservation is confirmed.

About inquiry


-Available hours 9:30~17:30

Instagram (@romankan_kimono)


Email ( ​

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