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2 minutes on foot from Asakusa Kaminarimon
Kimono rental & take-out cafe 


~ nostalgic
To the world of Taisho romance ~

Kimono rental without Taisho romance
retro coffee shop menu
Motif crepe
​ Travel back in time to the Taisho era.



Autumn/winter menu will be available from October 1st



↓Please read before renting a kimono↓


Taisho Romankan Kimono rental


Kimono rental users
10% off all cafe menu items!

​ *Please show the kimono receipt at the cafe cash register.
(Valid for the day only)

Taisho Romankan Kimono rental


Asakusa Taisho Roman Museum
Kimono rental features

Kimono rental is a big boom in Asakusa.

At our shop, we have a large selection of one-of-a-kind antique kimonos,

In addition, we incorporate old and new Japanese culture by combining it with our original decorative accessories.

You can coordinate the kimono just like you wear it, so even if you are new to kimono, you should be able to find your own style.

There are also many photo spots in the museum.

Only inside the buildingYou can leave many wonderful memories, so you can rest assured even on hot, cold, or rainy days.

Kimono rental users only
​self photo space

4F Photo Space

4F Photo Space

ノスタルジックな洋館のお部屋風のフォトスペース。 重厚感のあるドレープカーテンと、ゴブランのクッションで和洋折衷なお写真を。 撮影小物もご用意しております。

2F White Chandelier

2F White Chandelier


3F Black Chandelier

3F Black Chandelier


3F Antique Lamp

3F Antique Lamp


2F Antique Door & Mirror

2F Antique Door & Mirror


Inside and outside the cafe
​ photo spot

*When shooting in the cafe, we ask that you purchase cafe products.


Many inside and outside the building
There is a photo spot


Asakusa Taisho Romankan Kimono
​Store information

5-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
7-minute walk from Asakusa Station on the Toei Asakusa Line
​ 2 minutes walk from Kaminarimon

business hours
Last dressing reception time 15:00
​Final return time 17:30

Regular holiday
​ open all year round

In case of temporary closure due to weather such as typhoon, we will post it in the notice.


​Video from Kaminarimon→→→→→

​ 2-2-4 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo Taisho Roman Museum (3F reception)


Recommended kimono rental plan

Kimono plan
¥5,500 (tax included)

We accept online reservations.

​Reservations can be made up to 6 hours before the reservation date and time.

One reservation per person.

Even if you make a reservation with friends,

Each person must make a reservation.

※When making a reservation, please open the time a little and make a reservation.

 Book at the same time on the systemThen the reservation isreflect

It will be a duplicate reservation and will be subject to automatic cancellation.


If there is a vacant frame, you can make a reservation on the day.

Please visit the store directly.

If you make a reservation on the same day, the kimono may be out of stock depending on the reservation made in the morning.

​If you want to choose what you like, we recommend making a reservation in advance.

1. Reservation


Choose your time and plan.

Advance reservations can be made online, and same-day reservations can be made directly to the store.

*Depending on the reservation situation, we may not be able to accept your request. Thank you for your understanding.

[Important notes when making a reservation]

・Cancellation: In principle, please refrain from canceling.

If unavoidable,

Please contact us by email

Cancellation fee

In the case of contact after 12:00 noon the day before

→ 100% of the reservation amountIt is. 

・Time required: 45 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes (depending on congestion)

・Web reservation: Possible up to 6 hours before the reservation date and time.

​・Start accepting reservations: 30 days in advance


*We do not accept reservations for kimonos and accessories.

​You can choose your favorite in the order of your visit.

​ *In principle, pregnant women are not allowed to wear Kimono.


2. ​ visit

Kimono rental shops are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Asakusa Taisho Romankan Cafe.

​Please go through the cafe and take the red carpet stairs in the back to the 3rd floor.

​Please come 5 minutes before or after your reservation time.

​Example) If you make a reservation at 12:00 → Visit us from 11:55 to 12:05

If you are more than 15 minutes late without contacting us, your reservation will be cancelled.

We have everything you need for rental, so you can come to the store empty-handed.


3. Reception

We will check your reservation plan and inform you about additional options. We also accept changes to the reservation plan, so if you wish to change it, please let us know on the day.

[Precautions for reception]

・Kimono selection: In order of arrival.

・Options: Additions and changes can be made on the day.

4. Kimono and accessory selection


You can choose your favorite coordination from over 10,000 combinations.

If necessary, an experienced dresser/hair stylist will advise you.

​We also offer coordinated sets, so don't worry if you are not good at coordinating yourself.

​*We rent kimonos for walking around town. Please note that it is different from formal attire suitable for ceremonies.


5. Dressing (15-25 minutes)

Dressing accessories such as innerwear are included in the rental fee, so you can come empty-handed.

(Tabi will be purchased if you do not bring your own.)

Precautions for dressing:

​If you are wearing dark underwear, it may be see-through. Please come in light-colored clothes.


6. Hair set (10-25 minutes)

You can choose what you like from the hair menu.

​All items are set with a curling iron* and can be used regardless of the length of the hair.

After the set, accessories such as flowers and pearls are also included.


7. Baggage check

You can leave your clothes, etc. that you do not need for sightseeing.

(Please bring your own valuables)

Since we cannot store large luggage,

​Please use coin lockers in advance.

The luggage deposit bag has a capacity of about 40L.

​Please note that if there are too many items, they may not fit.

​Please wear light clothes as much as possible.


8. Departure

In front of the Taisho Roman Museum is Denboin-dori, and next to it is Nakamise-dori, so you can enjoy sightseeing as soon as you are ready.

​Please enjoy it until the return time.


9. Return

Please return the kimono by the final return time.

Next day return is also +¥2000is possible. ​

・Overdue: Late fees will be charged if you do not make it on time.

・Next day return: When using the next day return, we will take a picture of your ID card.

​・When returning, change clothes in a place without partitions

Flow of kimono rental


About recommended items to bring


Recommended items to bring

Basically, you can come to the store empty-handed, but there are some items that are safer if you bring them with you.


Especially in winter, we recommend wearing an inner layer such as HEATTECH.

​ Wear inner pants/spats/leggings for a smooth change of clothes.

(Short-sleeves/petticoats are available for rent at our shop.)

・Small wallet:

​We will lend you a purse for free, but there is a possibility that it will not fit in a long wallet. There is also a small optional bag, so it is safe to use a wallet as small as possible.

​ ・Blastons:

If you are not used to zori, you may get blisters.


There are many cash-only shops in Asakusa, so it is safe to bring cash. ​


About carrying small items

​Boots and socks are allowed.

A ¥500 carry-on fee will be charged for innerwear and skirts that come out of the kimono.

​ * Boots are not allowed for the lace hakama premium plan.

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